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Asha for Education strives to catalyze socio-economic change in India through support for education of underprivileged children!


Join Asha Cornell in supporting Shishur Sevay, a project that provides free services for the welfare of orphaned and abandoned girls (some of whom are differently abled). This group was identified because they lack advocates; these children are usually institutionalized in government homes, and remain uneducated and unprepared for life outside the institution. Shishur Sevay aims to provide a secure and safe place to shelter, nurture, educate, and empower these children for life beyond an institution. Shishur Sevay models a society in which abandoned and specially abled children are an integral and respected part of the community in which they live.


Shishur Sevay has made great strides in using technology as an enabler in the lives of these children. Have a look below:


Here’s what an Asha volunteer had to say about her experience visiting Shishur Sevay

Thank you for your support! Any contribution you make goes directly to support the education of these little girls.

Give the gift of education this holiday season. Light the way!

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